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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Kisiel Group volunteers step up to help Raynes Park Vale Football Club (RPVFC).

RPVFC were told that their grounds would have to close at the end of 2017 if they did not undertake essential ground repair works.

The Kisiel Group team, lead by Lukasz Kisiel, stepped up on a crisp, frosty Saturday morning to spend the whole day volunteering to do the work required to enable the grounds to pass an inspection.

Organising a team of volunteers, supplying over 100 metres of fending and removing rubbish from the grounds, Lukasz ensured that the work would be completed. While the Kisiel Group volunteers were winning the war with the brambles, the RPVFC players were wining their away match against Ash United.

"We owe them everything", said Paul Bentley, the Football Club Chairman.

The Kisiel Group team even made the Front Page News of the local paper, The Wimbledon Guardian.

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