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We all work hard and get things done when at work for Kisiel Group.  But there is a bit more to us.  We have a common interest to help make a difference to the lives of others - which is something actively encouraged by our boss.

The Extra Mile Award - Sept 2018 -

This is the Kisiel Group team looking a bit more smartly dressed when we attended the Merton Best Business Awards in September 2018. 


We were thrilled to win an award that evening - Runners Up in 'The Extra Mile' Award for our voluntary work in the local community.


Meet Annie who is person who co-ordinates all the voluntary work that we do for charities and in the community.


She was delighted to be a Finalist in the Women in Housing Awards in 2018 for her work in the wider community.


Meet Stephen who is normally busy at his desk as Commercial Manager at Kisiel Group.  But he was recently inspired to raise money for Cancer Research - our latest charity fundraising effort.


Charity Fundraising

We started supporting charities in 2016 when we made Head to Head Theatre our charity of the year.  Since then we have supported local and national charities with our fundraising activities.  

The Local Community

What better place to start than giving your local community some support!  We have helped out from literally around the corner from our office in the South West area of London.

The Wider Community

As a construction company, we have taken time and effort to speak on behalf of other London SME builders, to make changes that will benefit everyone in construction.

Training and Skills

Developing the talents of the next generation is important and, as a successful construction company, we have created the time to discover and nurture this talent.

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