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Gift Wrap Masterclass for Head2Head Theatre


Kisiel Group first heard about the Head2Head Theatre at the beginning of 2016 and was so impressed with their work that we decided to make them a charity to support during 2016.


They are a local registered charity dedicated to the Special Needs' Community.  Imagine you are a planning a trip to the theatre and it is a simple process of buying the tickets, getting to the theatre and enjoying the show.  It is not so simple if you have a special needs child and this charity is passionate about making theatre accessible to all and overcoming the barriers that a child with disability might face.  They also give young students a chance to do work experience to support the charity.

During 2016 we had a range of fundraising events which culminated in a series of Gift Wrap Masterclasses - just in time for the Christmas gift wrapping frenzy!

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