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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The Kisiel Group team is fundraising for a local charity - Head2Head Theatre.

The Head2Head Theatre is a local registered charity dedicated to serving the special needs community with multi-sensory shows, storytelling and workshops. Actors provided a walkabout story and led the children and their families around the venue interactively, discovering scenes and meeting characters from a well known story.

Our aim was to raise £1,200 to support the cost of a day of Family Holiday Activities in our area. The costs are kept to a minimum as they are a volunteer-led organisation and have few administrative expenses.

The team set about fundraising during the year and this culminated in a series of Gift Wrap Masterclasses to demonstrate how to beautifully wrap Christmas gifts in December.

Lukasz supported the team's efforts by agreeing that Kisiel Group would match the amount raised. So Kisiel group supported the fundraising to the tune of £600. The total amount raised was £1,206.10.

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